Our last major project was Queensferry at War . 2014 was a significant year marking the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War. The Group felt it was important to understand how the local communities of Queensferry and Dalmeny were affected by the war. Our first task was to research the names on both war memorials. 2016 commemorated the centenary of the Battle of Jutland which was one aspect of our first exhibition displayed at Queensferry Museum until 2018. Our 2nd exhibtion, Queensferry at War – The Final Chapter and Beyond was on display until November 2019. A booklet has been produced from our research work and the information collected for both exhibitions. This will be available soon. There is a separate section of our website devoted to our Queensferry at War project. Here is a direct link: Queensferry at War

Queensferry History Group has collected a significant amount of local history information. This includes reminiscence work and photographic images. Our main project for 2020 is to reassess and organise this important archive. This will no doubt lead to other projects and exhibitions as we carry out this exercise.

We also look forward to working with and assisting other community Groups.