South Queensferry High Street looking east. Photograph taken 1925.

Queensferry History Group was formed in 1988 to stimulate an interest in local history, to research and record the history of Queensferry and the surrounding area and, last but not least, to enjoy ourselves. We are a group of people of all ages and backgrounds who live in the area, some of us are even incomers! We welcome new members to join our group. Equally we want to hear from interested people worldwide, who have information, photographs, memories, anecdotes or anything pertaining to Queensferry and the surrounding area.

The Queensferry History Group has a wide interest in the history of Queensferry and has undertaken many projects over the years. Its most recent major project was Queensferry at War. Since 2013, the Group has been researching many aspects of World War 1 with much of the focus being placed on how the conflict affected the communities of Queensferry and Dalmeny. As we approached the Centenary of the end of the First world War, a new project, supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund,  concentrated on the end of the War and its  continuing impact on our community.


Britain’s declaration of war against Germany in August 1914 put the Firth of Forth on a war footing. New regulations came into force for shipping in the Forth. Plans were put in place to make the Forth a major base for the Grand Fleet. Fortifications around the Forth Bridge were brought into action. Hundreds of Queensferry men enlisted to fight in the war.

‘Queensferry at War’, a Queensferry History Group project, explores and records the events of the Great War in and around Queensferry and the impact on the residents. Our research covers: life in Queensferry during WW1, the stories behind the names on our War Memorials, the Naval History that surrounded Queensferry during the Great War, and more.

Our project to commemorate the end of the First World War has been funded by The National Lottery. Visit the Queensferry at War section of our website to learn more about this period of Queensferry history –

“Queensferry (the Passage of the Queen) derives its name from Margaret, Queen of Malcolm Canmore, a Princess celebrated for her charitable and beneficent virtues. She frequented the passage much, and was a great patroness of the place; hence the name by which it is now distinguished, certainly originated.” (from a Statistical Account of Scotland)